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He was a short, rotund, completely bald on top, aging professor who wore thick glasses that continually slid down to the tip of his nose.

He spoke in a monotone manner and there was nothing particularly captivating about his story of being a missionary in India, other than I recall him saying it took him a month to get there by ship and that he considered his 20 years of ministry among the tribal people of India to be the greatest time of his life.  

So, it still amazes me today that one simple statement he made (over 30 years ago) during this nondescript presentation impacted my life then and continues to do so now!  I have heard the statement in various forms many times since, but it was through him that I first heard the phrase “all true followers of Jesus should always think about nations and generations!” 

Don’t rush past this statement.  Give it some time to marinate in your heart.  In my life it has been a part of shaping a belief (and practice) that ministry to children and youth is always of the highest value and priority.  It also is a constant reminder of the importance to pass on a Godly heritage in family, and ministry.

The focus on “nations” has translated into the honor of pastoring on an island for almost 6 years, leading teams to do ministry in many nations around the world, helping to shape a missions-minded church, and influencing everyone possible to engage in “Missions”.  

 Here are just a few of the benefits from being connected to “missions”:

You fulfill the Great Commission.

Taking the good news of Jesus to all people everywhere has always been a part of God’s plan for each of us.  (Matthew 28: 16-20)

You increase your Kingdom perspective.

The Kingdom of God is so much bigger and broader than any one people group, denomination, practice, or perspective. The many ways people love Jesus, serve, pray, sing, worship, and minister is just a glimpse of what heaven will be like.  

You grow in cultural understanding.

The way people live, work, dress, play, and even eat can be a great learning experience. “Whenever you go into a town and are made welcome, eat what is set before you”. Welcome other cultures and learn.

You learn that you have family around the world.

Connecting with others who experienced the love, forgiveness, life and freedom of Jesus is life transforming. Witness the tears from people who have only known one-another a few days but have had their hearts connected through the love of Jesus. Watch this connection of love crush the barriers of age, language, skin color… and create family! I promise this will change your prayer life.

You get a new value orientation.

You quickly realize how blessed you are in almost every area of life.  You realize the “sacrifice” of giving to missions, is not really a sacrifice, but is one of the best investments you will ever make.  You realize that going on a missions trip is an extreme honor.  You realize you gain so much more than you could ever give.  You realize that you are the one who learns, is ministered to, and who grows by serving Jesus through serving others. 

Meet Our Missionaries

Henoch & Nidia Fuentes

— Casa Amen | USA/Chilé

While impacting the lives of many here in the USA, CASA AMEN,  is also impacting the lives of many in Chile and the Latin American world.  Brother Henoch Fuentes leads Casa Amen in being a “Christian ministry home base to support the community of Chilé spiritually.”

Mark 16:15 “He said to them, “Go into all the world and preach the gospel to all creation.”

Eric Wohlbruck

— Hope and Solution Ministries | U.S.A.

Everyone needs hope… and those who have it least need it most.  This is where Hope and Solution Ministries literally hits the street.  Reaching out to share the good news that God loves and cares for you no matter who you are or what your situation is, is what Eric does on a daily basis to those in some of life’s most difficult situations.  This ministry goes beyond words to demonstrate Hope by assisting with Solution to challenges of homelessness, discouragement, depression, addiction and much more.   Proverbs 13:12 states, “Hope deferred makes the heart sick, but a desire fulfilled is a tree of life.”, and this is what Hope and Solution Ministries is all about!  Your prayers and financial support help this work see changed lives regularly!  OCF is honored to be a part of the great work of Hope and Solution Ministries.

Eric & Joy Seward

— International Discovery Group | University of Illinois

Campus Ministry

Mike & Gwynne McQueen

— International Students | Urbana Seminary Illinois

The McQueen ministry is multifold. Mike serves the greater Chinese community in Central Illinois, including outreach and discipleship among the 5000+ Chinese international students at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign. He is also part-time professor of intercultural studies at Urbana Theological Seminary.  

Gwynne serves international student wives through the weekly International Women’s Connection and Bible studies with those who are interested in more deeply exploring Christianity as seekers or believers.

Alvin & Nelly Anderson

— Manos Extendidos | Honduras

Manos Extendidas (Extended Hands) is a registered Christian ministry in Tegucigalpa, Honduras that demonstrates Jesus’ love by meeting the physical and educational needs of families, teens, and children. These practical acts of love build strong relationships that enable us to share the good news of Gospel so we can introduce them to Jesus Christ.

Sarah Crickenberger de Ramirez & Raul Ramirez

— Honduras | Ministerio Familia de Promesa

Sarah and her husband, Raúl, who is Honduran, married in 2017, after they started the Honduran non-profit, Ministerio Familia de Promesa (Family of Promise Ministry) in 2014.  Since then they have done a variety of different things in ministry including street ministry, working with rehabilitating young people dealing with addiction, discipleship groups, counseling sexual abuse survivors, worship team ministry, church support ministries, food distribution, child and youth educational sponsorships, premarital counseling, leading Bible studies, one-on-one mentorship, speaking in conferences, facilitating prayer and worship nights, and collaborating with many other missionaries and ministries to bring the Kingdom of God to earth in Honduras.   Everything that Sarah and Raúl do is relational as they want to lead people to depend on Jesus and to develop healthier relationships with God and others. They especially have a heart for young people and desire to see new generations of Hondurans living fully in the experience of the Father’s love for them and in fulfilling their God-given callings and potentials.  Sarah says, “Our primary focus is on the most lost and in need, especially street kids, though we look for every opportunity to stop for the one person God places in front of us.”  OCF is so happy to be a part of  everything God is doing through Sarah and Raul, and your prayers and faithful financial support make it possible. 

Al Abrigo De Dios

— Mexico | Orphanage

In 1974 Israel Lerma and his wife Yasmin Calderon opened the doors to the non-profit foundation Al Abrigo de Dios, AC., better known as Casa Hogar. Since then, this foundation has received, helped, and cared for orphan children from many different states of the Mexican republic providing them with food, shelter, education, basic healthcare, and Christian teachings.  The foundation Al Abrigo de Dios Casa Hogar is sustained by charitable donations given to them from churches, companies, groups, and individuals.

Ruth Fortune

— Haiti | Community Impact

The saying goes something goes something like this: “those who say it can not be done are often interrupted by those who are doing it”!  This is the story of Ruth Fortune.  For years she has impacted Haiti through medical, educational, and spiritual means.  This is all to show the love of Jesus to the men, women, boys and girls of Haiti.  Using little to do much Sister Ruth is a great place to invest your prayers and finances.  OCF is thankful for the long term relationship with Ruth Fortune and looks forward to even greater things with her! 

Dr. Ratna and Jyothi Sajja

— India | Messiah Fellowship

Messiah Fellowship is a Spirit-filled church located in Vijayawada, India. It is a church “where hurting people can find hope and searching people can find truth in Christ”.  This is more than just a statement about the church, it is a reality taking place everyday at Messiah Fellowship.  Under the leadership of Dr. Ratna Sajja and his wife Jyothi, the Messiah Fellowship family is continually reaching out to care for the needs of the Vijayawada community through feeding programs, medical ministries, and even occupational training.

You can be assured that your financial investment in support of Messiah Fellowship will produce great results in the work of Kingdom of God.  Outreach Christian Fellowship is honored to partner with Pastor Ratna and Jyothi Sajja, and the entire Messiah Fellowship Family to share the good news of Jesus with India.


Middle East Leadership Team

— Middle East | Leadership Development and Consulting

The Middle East Leadership Team are truly exceptional people in so many ways. Warm, loving, fun, gracious, kind, dependable, educated, and extremely devoted are all words that can be used to describe them.

Endowed with a wealth of experience in the area of leadership development that will be of great benefit to Corporations, Families, and Individuals.  Their guidance in strategic development and goal setting brings great value. Anyone seeking coaching, mentoring, consultation, encouragement or direction will be well served through this service.  

Shawn Cook Family

— Montenegro | Relational Ministry

The Cook family has been touching the lives of Montenegrins for years.  Now they will be fully immersed in their calling to share the love of Jesus Christ and the Good News of his redemptive work with the people of Montenegro.  Shawn comments: “A concern for us is to teach people about both the redemptive and disciple making work of Christ in an effort to comply with the intent of Christ’s sending His disciples into the world. We do not strive to make converts, but rather we want to evangelize the lost with the goal of teaching them to become not just disciples, but disciple makers. And in the most simple terms we want to demonstrate the love of Jesus with our words, with our actions, and with our lives.”  Your prayers and financial support will be a great investment in helping them… “We do not promote programs, but we believe in developing meaningful relationships one person at a time.”  Outreach Christian Fellowship is grateful to be a part of their lives and this ministry. 

Dr. Hal Burchel

— Kenya | Community Impact

Hal Burchel has had a lengthy relationship with the slums of Nairobi, Kenya.  Dr. Burchel has returned, again, to reach out particularly to those who endure the extreme poverty of the Kawangware and Kibera slums.  He is joined by two Kenyan assistants as he launches a new ministry aimed at evangelizing and discipling new Christians who are open to learning more and growing in their newfound walk with the Lord.  Dr. Burchel is highly involved in the slums as he speaks with those open to hearing the gospel while he and his team also lead two discipleship classes and have plans for opening a Discipleship Center and a Bible School for new converts as they mature in the Lord.  OCF is honored to once again join with Dr. Burchel as he ministers to those living in poverty outside of Nairobi, Kenya.


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